How Is Our Health: Check-Up On Black America with Dr. Romi Chopra

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When asked if he could shed some light on why African-American women are at higher risk for uterine fibroids, Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, MD, founder of The Midwest Institute of Minimally Invasive Therapies in Melrose Park that specializes in treating uterine fibroids in a minimally invasive manner said, “There are a lot of studies but not one clear reason why. Things like genetics, diet and some studies say hair chemicals could be a factor,” Chopra added.
— Dr. Romi Chopra
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How Is Our Health: Check-Up On Black America

Back-to-school time often gets us back into a routine. And it’s a great time to think about our health. We talked to a few experts to find out some things African Americans specifically should look out for while taking care of our health. 

Fibroids and Black Women 

While some of the major health issues like heart and kidney disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, sick cell disease, and lupus are among the more serious health problems Black people face, uterine fibroids in African-American women are also an issue. 

Though uterine fibroids typically are not life threatening, the level of pain, and interruption of daily life, calls for attention. 

While fibroids typically are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years, it’s not known for sure what causes them. They reportedly grow rapidly during pregnancy when hormone levels are high and shrink with anti-hormone medication.   

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