MIMIT Health Continues Growth and Healthcare Expansion into Four New Hospitals

  Kindred Hospital Chicago-Northlake

Kindred Hospital Chicago-Northlake

MIMIT Health continues to grow and expand its reach into four new locations in Kindred Hospitals to better serve its patients. MIMIT Health is respected for its excellence in patient care, health care & medical education. MIMIT Health strives to offer best-in-class patient-centered care and a holistic approach to life. 

Kindred Hospitals are transitional long term acute care facilities offering the same in depth care that are offered in traditional hospitals, but for an extended recovery period. Kindred Hospital partners with MIMIT to offer 24-hour clinical care seven days a week so patients can start their journey to wellness. 

  Kindred Hospital Chicago-Northlake

Kindred Hospital Chicago-Northlake

MIMIT Health provides world class health care combined with minimally invasive treatments for its industry-leading health care. MIMIT specializes in minimally invasive, targeted treatments that offer less risk, less pain and less recovery time compared to traditional surgery, MIMIT's world-class doctors, surgeons and Interventional Radiologists manage conditions that once required surgery and can be treated less invasively by their doctors.

“We focus on our patients "living their best life" with healthy lifestyle strategies including nutrition, exercise and wellness solutions.” Dr. Romi Chopra said.

MIMIT Health’s is in there long term acute care facilities:

Kindred Hospital - Chicago (North Campus)

2544 West Montrose Avenue

Chicago, IL 60618


Kindred - Chicago - Central Hospital

4058 West Melrose Street

Chicago, IL 60641


Kindred - Chicago - Lakeshore

6130 North Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60660


Kindred Hospital - Chicago (Northlake Campus)

365 East North Avenue

Northlake, IL 60164


If you have any questions, call MIMIT Health at (708) 486-2600.

MIMIT Health Editorial Team