Are you Avoiding your Doctor? Learn What MIMIT Health Founder Dr. Romi Chopra Has to Say...


Are you Avoiding your Doctor?

By Dr. Romi Chopra

You have been feeling pain in your abdominal area since last Monday; despite taking over the counter pain meds the pain has gotten worse. Now that you think about it, you are long overdue for your yearly check up. Instantly your mind floods with anxiety-ridden ‘what ifs’.

What if this abdominal pain is somehow related to my irregular period cycle?

Am I okay?

This is the point where you start to Google your symptoms in hopes of figuring out what’s wrong. Eventually, it all becomes too much for you. You find a way to distract yourself only to revisit these feelings again when the pain becomes worse. But what is stopping you from seeing your doctor?

It is important to understand the reasons you might be afraid to visit your doctor. It is also important to understand that it is a pretty common fear. But it’s not a fear of seeing your doctor that stops you from getting a check-up, it’s the fear of the unknown. In our minds, we manage to think of the worst-case scenario, by not going to the doctor you’re pushing off the possibility of facing what could be wrong. Seeing your doctor helps address the issues you are having and prevent something from becoming the worst-case scenario. Getting over your fear of visiting your doctor can be a tall order to fill. Here are some tips to help you manage your anxiety about visiting your doctor.

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